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The Green Screen.

 Fairy Fables is once again here.

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Click the Music Player for a silver wand

Also you can read the book “Fairy Fables”

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Also there is a pile of rocks at the mine it might be for a new room or mission.


Advertisements !!! It snowed where we live today so see ya!

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Fairy Fables: Friday

New Postcards: Friday

Better Igloos Catalog: January 15



Well what do you guys think of it?


Under the authority of Greeno, I have placed this site under transformation construction. I have been instructed to begin without him due to his outstanding punishment. I will begin by moving snowy river to it’s own site and turning this site into ( New Name! )

Sub Zero Club Penguin Cheats And More! The new main site ( not yet created ) will be a self hosted blog at

Effective immediatley.


 Hey Penguins! the fireworks are now finally up at the Iceberg and Ski Hill

Also the new hidden pin is in the Lighthouse


January 09? lol

Click the Snowman’s head for a pink snorkel

Click the snow on the mountain for pink flippers

Click the bubble for a viking hat and keep opening and closing it for a blue viking hat

Click the pot for a stocking cap

Click the tree top for long johns

Click on the instruments to get them

Click the white puffle for the dizzy

Click the word “WORK” for a black superhero mask


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