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The Green Screen.

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January 09? lol

Click the Snowman’s head for a pink snorkel

Click the snow on the mountain for pink flippers

Click the bubble for a viking hat and keep opening and closing it for a blue viking hat

Click the pot for a stocking cap

Click the tree top for long johns

Click on the instruments to get them

Click the white puffle for the dizzy

Click the word “WORK” for a black superhero mask



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Hey Penguins the new party is here!

The old ( 😐 ) Santa Hat is at ski village

And members can go on Santa’s Sled and win a santa suit!

All you got to do is push the red button right before the bag flies over a chimney

Also there is a new pin at the Attic


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 The new treasure book is out!

Click Here to view it

Click the cloud for a viking helmet and squire suit

Click the dragon tail for a dragon costume

Also if you get enough series 6 coin codes you can get Super Exclusives items

I don’t like the idea of buying lots of coin codes just to get a special page 😐

What do you think?


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Enjoy the life of giving! now you can send a friend a postcard with a free item attached to it!

Just click on it for a free item!

How awesome is that?


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Hey Penguins the coins for change is here!

The Coin Buckets can be found at the Beach, Plaza, Captains Quarters, and the Town

Also Rockhopper is here!

Here is catalog

How many coins are you donating?


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Coins for Change: Friday

Better Igloos and Igloo Upgrades: Friday

New Postcards: Friday

Christmas Party: December 18

Christmas Igloo Contest: December 18

New Pin: December 18

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  Hey Penguins!

Here is the latest hidden items in the Snow and Sports catalog

Click the penguin on the left for a green hockey shirt

Click the penguin on the left again for a green hockey goalie shirt

Click the E for white pom-poms


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