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The Green Screen.

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Yesterday, I wrote this post on my blog. I thought it was interesting, and wanted to share it with everyone. Just to warn you, some people may find it creepy.

* * *

Hi everyone. Today is the eleventh anniversary of the day my grandmother (Who I call “Mimi,” which is Italian for “grandmother.” She and her family moved from Italy to the US in 1931.), on my mom’s side of my family, died of lung cancer.

 I’m not exactly sad about this- I can’t remember her. I was only about 10 months old when she died. Here is a scary (and amazingly TRUE) story about her death. My mom originally told it to me about a year ago, when I was interested in the paranormal. I’ve reworded the story to put it in my perspective. I like to call it The Rose Bush:


My grandmother’s real name was Rose, and she loved roses. So my mom had a rose bush in the backyard, and every year on my grandmother’s birthday, my mom would pick a bouquet of roses to give to her.

Roses are difficult to take care of. Once I was born, my mom was busy with my brother and me, and going to the hospital to visit my grandmother when she had cancer. So my mom didn’t have much time to tend the rose bush.

Here’s the scary part- despite what I said, seven months after my grandmother died, my mom walked into the backyard, and what she saw amazed her. The roses were ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. My mom had hardly watered them at all or anything. They should have died. But they were PERFECT.


 😯 Doesn’t that sound like something that should be in Chicken Soup for the Soul, or Ripley’s Believe It or Not?

* * *

The story makes me wonder if miracles really exist…

Vékriarralyn jaschryl!

~Zaeriuraschi 11098


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Hey everyone! I’m Zaeriuraschi/Kelli9307 (Kelli9307 is my username on CP). The majority of you probably know me, but here is some information about me:

Hobbies: going on the computer, listening to my iPod, writing stories, making up random words, singing, drawing, reading

Favorite bands: U2, Fall Out Boy, Queen, Green Day

Favorite Books: Harry Potter and the Sourcerer’s Stone, Eragon

Favorite TV Shows: Family Guy, Mystery Diagnosis, Dr. G: Medical Examiner, Important Things with Demetri Martin, Robot Chicken

Favorite Colors: Bright green, blue, purple, black

Home state: Massachusetts

Age: 11

Day I made an Account on Club Penguin: May 29, 2007

Click here to visit my blog.

I’ll probably add more to that at some point, but it’s 1:45 AM where I live right now. I’m very tired.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Vékriarralyn jaschryl!

~Zaeriuraschi 11098

P.S. “Vékriarralyn jaschryl!” is a phrase that I created. It is pronounced “vay-kree-arr-uh-lin jasch-rill!”

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