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The Green Screen.

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January 09? lol

Click the Snowman’s head for a pink snorkel

Click the snow on the mountain for pink flippers

Click the bubble for a viking hat and keep opening and closing it for a blue viking hat

Click the pot for a stocking cap

Click the tree top for long johns

Click on the instruments to get them

Click the white puffle for the dizzy

Click the word “WORK” for a black superhero mask



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 The new treasure book is out!

Click Here to view it

Click the cloud for a viking helmet and squire suit

Click the dragon tail for a dragon costume

Also if you get enough series 6 coin codes you can get Super Exclusives items

I don’t like the idea of buying lots of coin codes just to get a special page 😐

What do you think?


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Hello Penguins!

The Series 4 Treasure Book is here! Its got some awesome looking stuff! I wish they had this for the music jam!


Until Next Time… Waddle on!


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